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Another Dreary Christmas

Father and Son

Aussi Bastards

Dreary Balloon Seller

Dreary Bird Watcher

Dreary Barman

Dreary Bloke #1

Dreary Bouncers

Dreary Bloke #2

Dreary Carpenter

Christmas Alone

Christian Brothers

Dreary City Worker

Dreary Drummer

Dreary Cook

Dreary Family

Dreary Gardener

Dreary Fish Supper

Dreary Lovers #1

Dreary Lovers #3

Dreary Lovers #2

Dreary House Warming

Dreary Dog Owner

Dreary Cat Owner

Dreary Master Chef

Dreary Melbourne Workers

Dreary Mates

Dreary Oncology Fellow

Dreary Pet Owner

Dreary Party

Dreary Preston Market

Dreary Valentine’s Day

Dreary Storeman

Dreary Titles Office

Dreary Trip Abroad

Dreary 5.30 Tram Ride

Dreary Voyage

Dreary Washing Day

Dreary Painter

Dreary Yarra Day Out

Jazz Club Stand-Off

Forbidden Love

Dreary Mother and Child



Workshop Stand-Off

Mail Redirection

My Dreary Neighbour

Weekend Access #1

Dreary Welders

Weekend Access #2

Dreary Birthday

Crust Stand-Off


Dreary Procedure

Dreary Weekend Drive

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15cm x 10cm (6 x 4 in) and are $6.00 each

You can via Paypal or bank deposit

Dreary Friday Night